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Credit Compare, founded by Henry Brownley during November 2010. The site operates by finding consumers the best offers on the internet, consumer tips and suggestions, by means of intensive online research tools and community feedback. Credit Compare assist consumers by providing free, intensively researched advice and guidance, especially towards South Africans.

Credit Compare visitors can download free financial and employment related templates to help with personal finances and career development. Our dedication is to help saving consumers money, by providing free articles and providing cheap comparison deals.

Overall, we hope you have a wonderful saving experience with Credit Compare. ENJOY THE SAVINGS!

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Our aim is to increase the community and becoming the biggest consumer forum in South Africa. It is that simple, the bigger our community grow, the better our website will operate and ultimately provide the best and most accurate information. We urge financial professionals to participate in our forums and submit articles to Credit Compre that will greatly benefit South African consumers.

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The first is most important step to get an insight of your financial status is to get hold of your Credit Profile. Your credit report is a record of your past and current credit obligations and shows your credit and payment behaviour which will determine current and future credit applications. One of the biggest advantages of having access to your credit report is that you can monitor your credit report to avoid Identity Theft.

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Join our friendly online community forum and share your expertise. Help other consumers achieve financial stability by providing free guidance.

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