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Free Credit Compare job assist provide free information to job seekers and providing both employed and unemployed people with free tools to help them in their next career. Credit Compare provides free job templates like CV templates, cover letters, resignations and many useful templates.

In addition to free job templates, Credit Compare provide free guidance to job seeking tips, useful recruitment tips and of course, out very own job search widget where job seekers can search and apply for jobs both locally and internationally.


Whatever your reason, we are here to help you where we can - once again, all information and templates are provided free by Credit Compare and if you need information and cannot find it on our website, then please Contact Us or register on our Friendly Forum and come tell your story and share your experience. There might even be some of our friendly users that can guide or provide you with some assistance.


Below are free CV templates you can use to setup your own CV, simply fill out the blanks and add additional information where possible, but remember to keep is short and meaningful.


Beware of Dishonest Recruitment Agencies

Finding a job is hard enough, but being misled by recruitment agencies just to fish out information to boost their portfolios is another thing, leaving you with false hopes and frustration. Yes, there are many good recruitment agencies out there but how do we know which ones register with?

The following pointers must be observed during your job search:

Recruitment agencies advertising fake jobs

A very common recruitment trick, by advertising false jobs, job seekers will register with the agency, usually online and this allows the agency to boast to employers about the high level of potential employees and CVs they have on their database. They are basically building their database to look broad compare to their competitors. How can we resolve this, well if you are not invited for any job interviews after applying for a few positions and 3 months have passed, ask to have your details removed and give the reason why. Read More....


Writing the perfect CV

What is a perfect CV and how will you know the CV is good enough to sell yourself to an employer? To answer your question... a tailored job specific CV will be the answer, your CV needs to be updated each time you start and end a new position. Before you attempt to apply for a specific position, read carefully through the job specification and note the important requirements and match it back to your skills and experience. Take careful steps when updating each section on your CV to reflect the requirements from the job specification, do not copy it directly from the specification - instead, put it in your own words by providing an example of your current or previous job. Always keep your statements short, but powerful - each sentence must have a meaningful statement.

Below are 5 easy steps to consider when writing your CV:

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