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Download free templates for employees to employers, these letters include Cover Resignation and Thank You letters.

Writing a Resignation Letter

Letters of resignation are usually complimentary in nature and can sometimes include sentiments of thanks to. Putting together a resignation letter is a very important part of leaving your current job. Not only is it professional and an expectation as per your employment contract, but it is good gesture and will ensure you receive a good reference which is something you will surely need in your next employment.

Have a look at the following templates which can serve as guidance to write your resignation letter or use it as standard and just fill out the blanks.


Writing Cover Letter

Prior to making your application for a new job, your cover letter is your first and important step to securing an interview; and therefore it is absolutely crucial to create an excellent impression. It is advisable to start each cover letter from scratch and to refer directly to the company and position you are applying to.

Refrain yourself from using "To whom it may concern", try finding out what the hiring manager or recruitment consultant's name is, if you are unable to get the full name, rather address the cover letter as "Dear Sir or Dear Madam" as it comes off more professional. Sell your skills and qualifications as it makes you stand out from other job seekers. A unique way to stand out is to take the liberty sending original cover letter and CV by post after you sent it electronically, just think about it; how many cover letters and CV's are sent via e-mail from job seekers, you will stand out from the rest of them, but also make sure to send it via e-mail and refer back to the e-mail on your letter.

When writing your cover letter, ensure your format is consistent; and spell check your letter afterwards. Your brief skills and experience must be listed (Bullet or Numbered lists), remember to list only the ones relevant to the position and try not to repeat too much from your CV. Rather than just offering your personal assurance of your qualifications, try mentioning someone with impressive credentials who has provided you with a positive reference in the past and would be willing to do so again. Be clear, affirmative and to the point and remember that your letter should not be about how the job is right for you, rather how you are right for the job.

Below are 3 free templates you can choose from, just fill out the blanks and add your information

Cover Letter 1 Cover Letter 2 Cover Letter 3


Writing a Thank You Letter

Writing a thank you letter after a job interview is a must! In fact, some employers think less of those interviewees who fail to follow-up. Have a look at the following Thank You template which can serve as guidance to write your own letter or use it as standard and just fill out the blanks.

Thank You Interview Letter

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